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 10 kids car games 
travelling kids
We all know that travelling with kids can be exciting, challenging and often hard work!  Having plenty to keep them entertained is essential which is why we asked you for your suggestions.  Thanks to you all for sending in your personal tips for keeping the kids occupied in the car, at the airport, on the train, or however you are travelling!  Here are our favourites; try them out and tell us what you think!

1. Lucky dip presents
My top tip for keeping the kids entertained, especially on long flights or car journeys, is to wrap up little presents in scraps of tissue paper to hand out at tricky moments - it need only be something tiny (an eraser, a few stickers, a hair clip), but the fact of having a present, and unwrapping it, always helps distract them when distraction is needed!


lucky dip kids
car games kids
2.  Get spotting
When travelling on long journeys with my 3 and 5 year old we have a check list of things to spot on the journey. They each have a picture list and tick things off as they are spotted. Once they have got them all they get a small prize (something else to keep them occupied preferably!) It keeps them interested and occupied for the journey!  Download our free I Spy children's car activity and our printable spot the car registration game


3. Coloured cars

We play games & listen to story telling CD'S.  One game we play is we each pick a colour and for half an hour (if on a long journey) we have to count how many cars we see in our chosen colour.  The child with the highest number gets to pick the new game, which is usually eye spy or animal hunting where the children are the first to see an animal.
car spotting kids game
kids map game
4. Wobbly map
We play a game called 'wobbly map'.  The children have a piece of paper and a crayon (or pencil) which they hold to the paper and as the car jerks and turns etc can see how their map turns out.
5. Who am I?
We play a variation of the 'yes/no' game where somebody chooses a character from a children's book, nursery rhyme or television programme.  They keep it a secret and the others have to ask 10 questions which can only be answered 'yes' or 'no' to try to guess the identity of the character.
humpty dumpty
memory game for car
6. I went to the shop and I bought....
I play the memory game with my children which they love. It starts off "I went to the shop and I bought some...." and you just make something up to buy, like bread, for example.  Then the next person has a go; they have to say what you bought and then add something themselves eg "I went to the shop and I bought some bread and a pair of socks".  Throw in some silly suggestions to make it more fun eg "I went to the shop and I bought some bread and a pair of socks and a monkey"!  The aim is to keep going as long as possible.  For added educational value, or to help with remembering, you can play a version where each item has to begin with the next letter of the alphabet eg "I went to the shop and I bought an apple, a beach ball, a crocodile..."
7. Scissors, paper, stone!
It reminds me of going on journeys in my childhood!  It's a game for 2 people.  On the count of 3 both players have to shape their hand either like scissors (fingers snipping), paper (flat hand), or stone (clenched fist).  Scissors beats paper (cuts it), paper beats stone (wraps it up), and stone beats scissors (blunts them).  You can play first to 3, 5 or whatever you prefer.
scissor paper stone game
8. Ready, steady, get arty
I find things like the coloured pipe cleaners you buy in crafty type shops great for keeping my children entertained in the car as they are re-usable, take up no space in a bag, and can be used to invent new games.  We play games like a competition to see who can make a cat, for example, in a given time frame.  Then we have a laugh looking at what each of us has made.  A bit like the generation game!
9. How many telephone boxes?
Simple but effective.  We ask them to count the telephone boxes and the first one to reach a number gets a prize.... post boxes is another good one.
telephone box
name that tune car game
10. I name that tune!

We play this with our 3 year old and he loves it.  We take it in turns to hum a favourite tune - it could be a nursery rhyme, a tune from a children's TV programme or a song that you all know as a family.  It's a game that everyone can play and enjoy.

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Mar 2015

  just to let you know my parcel arrived right on time as arranged, the driver was very curtious, it was well wrapped and secure, and I was very happy with my order, I will recommend the company to my friends.

December 2014

Very happy. Of all my online shopping experiences this year, your service was by far the most organised and efficient.

November 2014

Delighted with prompt delivery and in good condition

Everything was great.   Just as expected with good customer service.  Thanks

October 14

It was brilliant.  The cases are fab and the service couldn't have been better.  I love the Interlink delivery - next day and giving notice to within the hour of when they would arrive. 

Many thanks.

October 2014

Wonderfully service . So quick and easy and the quality of the product was perfect. I'll be using the site again as I particularly like the fact that you are keep up to date with everything right up until the point of delivery. Have already recommended it to a number of people already. With thanks 

Nicka nd Phillipa July 2014
Yes, all is great with the order.  The kids unpacked their cases straight away and have been wheeling them round the house full of teddy bears and shoes ever since!  They are thrilled with them and the quality looks great, so they'll be perfect for our up-coming first family holiday.
I don't think there's anything we'd have wanted you to do differently.

Name: Lucy Priest March 2014

Brilliant service and super fast delivery thanks do much
Daughter loves pail frank backpack and it's lovely quality.
Definitely use you again

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Thank you for making my order process quick, easy and efficient.  I had to change my delivery time which was is usually a nightmare but not with Kidstravel2.  The order arrived exactly on time!

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Our order arrived today, less than 48hrs after placing the order on your website!- terrific service & quick response so thoroughly appreciated- thank you! Our young grandson will enjoy it!

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We absolutely LOVE our roll out bed, it has been used so much already.  Delivery was smooth and quick and we will definitely be shopping with you again.  Such a pleasure to be treated like customers which is a rarity these days.

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