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Train Journeys With Kids: Things To Consider


The summer holidays are almost here and that means families all over the UK are planning their getaways. With household budgets still stretched many families will stick to the UK for their holidays. While most will drive to their destination, this is nowhere near as exciting as getting the train. Smaller children especially will be excited about the prospect of a train journey – if you are more worried about corralling the kids on a public train, try these tips…

The Sandwich

Railway stations are exciting places for children but can also be very dangerous. You do not want them to wander off. Keeping them safe can be easily turned into a game. Mum and dad are the bread and your children will be the fillings. Since you never want a filling on the outside of the bread they always have to stay between the two slices.


You have to keep your children entertained while travelling but you also need to be considerate of other passengers. They will very quickly become bored if you try to play the quiet game but there are lots of fun games that won’t disturb other travellers. Activities like eye-spy, dot-to-dot and colouring will keep them entertained and not annoy other passengers.

Alternatively, you could take your tablet along and allow them play or watch their favourite shows. Don’t forget to take a charger and a pair of headphones. However, while tablets are a great way to entertain in short bursts, long periods of screen time can harm a child’s development so add in some other fun activities.


Picky eaters and a limited food cart packed with crisps and sugary snacks don’t mix. Take a picnic along as you might do if you were travelling by car. Try cutting the kids’ sandwiches into train shapes or ass a theme to the picnic to tie in with the journey. A great way to maintain peace and make sure they eat their lunch!


Pack children’s backpacks with everything they need for the journey. This gives them some added responsibility which most will really relish. If you have more than one child, splitting the activities and picnic between each bag will stop them arguing. There’s lots of fun, great quality



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