How To Pack Hand Luggage Effectively


Choosing what to take away on a summer holiday (and what will actually fit in a suitcase) can be a tough process. Potentially more stressful is managing to squeeze everything needed into the regulated size of hand luggage for aeroplanes, especially if travelling with young children.

“The key is to start with a list of what you want to take and then start packing with what is really essential, followed by less important items” says Fay Watt, Managing Director of NatraSan.

Here, Fay shares her top hand luggage essentials to ensure stress-free packing and a smooth journey.

Aeroplane Cabin

Fully charged phone/tablet/kids tablet and headphones for everyone – this one is self-explanatory and the easiest form of entertainment.

Books and toys – If you’re travelling without children, a flight is a great time to catch up on your favourite novel. However, your chances are slim if travelling with young kids! Bring along a couple of their favourite books, a few toys – children have amazing imaginations for play – and perhaps colouring books or a puzzle.

Multipurpose sanitiser – Research has shown that the average tray table on a plane harbours nearly 20 times more bacteria than a toilet flush!* NatraSan’s 100ml Travel Buddy multipurpose spray is 100% natural and kills 99.9999% of germs and bacteria. The hypochlorous formula can be used to sanitise hands and plane tray tables safely as well as being a refreshing face spritz and first aid spray.

One spare outfit for everyone – if your hold luggage gets delayed or lost, at least you will all have a clean outfit to wear!

A multi-balm that can be used to hydrate your face and lips – the air conditioning on
planes can really dry your skin out. Equally, you can end up feeling a bit clammy too so baby wipes can help for a quick freshen up (as well as being useful for almost anything!).

Hard sweets or lollies – back in the day, sweets were handed out on take-off and landing. Nowadays, I always keep a packet of hard sweets handy to prevent ears popping. Lollies can be easier for young children to suck.

If travelling with children, remember that they usually get their own hand luggage allowance too so take full advantage of this, even if you have to carry it yourself!

 Natrasan Sanitiser

NatraSan costs £10.00 for 250ml and the Travel Buddy is £7.00 for 100ml. Available at  


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