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5 Best Toddler Suitcases

Posted on May 22 2015

We’re often asked what the best suitcase is for a toddler.   In my experience of selling suitcases for children since 2006 there are certain winning criteria to look out for when choosing your case.  If you can get these right you’re off to a good start.  Here’s what we recommend you look out for followed by our top picks of suitcases for toddlers.

Tip 1.  Looking Good 

First up it’s got to look good  to really grab your child’s interest.  Particularly true if you want your child to help out with towing the case.  Make sure you pick a case with real wow factor.

Tip 2.  Does it do the job?

There’s no point having a good looking suitcase if all you can fit in it is a pair of socks and a book.   If you’re after a proper suitcase with room for clothes for a week then make sure you check the capacity.  If it’s a fun case to play with or you just need room for a change of clothes for an overnight stay then you can compromise on the capacity.

Tip 3.  Remember that quality really does matter…

Personally I’d rather buy a suitcase that is robust enough to withstand the knocks and bangs of travelling with a toddler than have to keep forking out for a new one each time you go away anywhere.  Choose a hard suitcase made of ABS or sturdy PU if you want to protect belongings.  If you’re choosing a case made of polyester make sure its heavy duty material.  If you can, check out the zips, buckles and fastenings – are they good quality and likely to last?

Tip 4 … and size

Size matters if you’re flying and want a cabin bag.  Have you checked your airline’s cabin bag guidelines (you can do that here) and does your case fit?  Remember wheels and handles are included as part of the airline size restrictions.

Find these tips useful?  We have plenty more tips here on choosing the right suitcase for your child but for now here is our round up of the 5 best toddler suitcases….

1. Trunki

Why we like them:

  • Show a child a Trunki and they’ll be off – riding it, pulling it, opening it – playing with it.  This just speaks for itself
  • As well as their fab quirky appeal they are robust & hard wearing
  • Good capacity and lightweight (see our video in this feature here on cabin baggage versus checked luggage where we look at what you can get in a Trunki)
  • Cabin friendly

Take a closer look at the Trunki range >>


2.  Samsonite Sammies


Why we like them:

  • Samsonite are good quality suitcase manufacturers – this is a real suitcase, not a toy
  • If you’re after visual appeal the Samsonite Sammies funny face range have definately got it
  • Bags of space for a week’s holiday and more
  • Fab range of co-ordinating Samsonite Sammie rucksacks for day trips etc


3.  Capt’n Sharky Pirate Suitcase

Why we like it:

  • Fabulous attention to detail – chunky shark zipper pulls, nautical stripes & traditional silky red lining
  • Superb quality from German manufacturer Spiegelburg
  • A proper little boy’s trolley suitcase – just like mum and dad!
  • Cabin friendly


 4.  Skip Hip Trolley Suitcases

Why we like them:

  • Funky modern designs which appeal to parents and children alike
  • Lightweight with good capacity
  • Useful shoulder strap for carrying when your young traveller tires of wheeling the case
  • Great selection of co-ordinating rucksacks, lunch bags & safety reins to team up with

Take a closer look at the Skip Hop range >>


5.  Luggo

Why we like it:

  • Luggo definately has that stand out wow factor
  • Lots of quirky features that kids love like flashing wheels (no batteries required) & useful internal dividing sections for storing pens etc
  • Very versatile – it’s a rucksack and a trolley case in one – love how the backpack straps retract into the back of the bag as you extend the trolley handle

Phew!  Don’t forget if you’re in a quandry or not sure which case is the best for the child you have in mind we’re happy to help and advise.  Just get in touch – that’s what we’re here for!



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