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Choosing the Family Holiday - How do you do it?

Posted on February 16 2015

When the children were little choosing the family holiday seemed simple as their needs took priority over everyone else’s.  Or that is how it seemed!!

It was clear the facilities that they needed and they topped the list when choosing a hotel/cottage/ resort and even country. With so many companies aimed at catering for Tots you are now well served with lots of helpful advice and properties checked for safety and facilities. All inclusives often have the option of child care if yours are happy to go.

As the kids have got older I have found it harder rather than easier. As an active family I need to ensure there are activities for my husband as well as the kids but at the same time make sure that any activities offered are also suitable for them.

Researching the perfect holiday can be a time-consuming task, and finding a holiday that will satisfy the whole family  can be challenging. Kids and parents often have entirely different ideas when it comes to their holiday ‘wish list’ and even the strongest of relationships can be tested when it comes to deciding where to spend those well earned weeks away from the office!

I have spent many a happy hour working my way through websites looking for the perfect place at the right price. Here again AI are great and there seem to be options for all budgets. For me it is just a case of avoiding those with endless animators trying to get us to join in!

One particular advantage with 3 kids is endless food on tap at all times of the day no worries about the expense of the food at the pool bar or the ridiculously small portions. Those that miss breakfast can just join in for the mid morning snack or in some cases lunch!!

Purist would argue it is not real travel but each family to its own.

There is now another option designed to help which I came across from Neilson. They have an app called Pack it up Pack it in and I thought it was quite good.


You simply pop the holiday ‘elements’ you feel most suit you and your family into your virtual suitcase – choosing from tennis rackets, kids’ clubs and bikinis to skis, sailing, spas and more. Using this information, Neilson will help you select the perfect beach or winter sports holiday destination together with flights, hotel and activities to suit your needs by calibrating your preferences. Decision making done, now all you need to do is pack!

And talking of packing don’t forget here at Kidstravel2 we have a fantastic range of kids (and adults) luggage perfect for whatever type of break you choose.


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