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Best Children's Sun Creams

Posted on April 06 2017

Sun Protection

Although we all need some sun exposure to get our recommended allowance of vitamin D – the vitamin which helps our bodies absorb calcium and produce stronger, healthier bones – the fact is that it doesn't take much time in the sun for the majority of people to get the vitamin D they need. And repeated unprotected exposure to the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays can cause skin and eye damage, suppressed immune systems, and of course can contribute to some types of skin cancer.

As a result, it’s so important for parents to teach kids how to enjoy the sun safely to ensure their sensitive skin is protected from the harmful sun’s rays. So if you’re heading off on a fun-filled family holiday this summer, you’ll want to make sure you pack all the essentials to keep you going for two weeks, and one of those essentials is of course sun cream. So which are the best sun creams for little ones?

Green People Organic Children Sun Lotion 30

With 97% UVB protection (the rays that cause burning) and high protection from UVA rays, this paraben-free sun cream contains 78% organic ingredients so is ideal for sensitive skins and kids suffering with prickly heat. Boasting a water-repellent, moisturising and non-greasy formula, it is perfect for active kids – and active parents alike. And what’s more, Green People supports the Marine Conservation Society, so donates 30p from each sale to the society.

Ladival Kids Sun Protection Lotion SPF50+

An advanced INFRARED-A protection system and having been clinically proven to protect against UVA, UVB and Infrared-A rays, there’s no wonder this has become a favourite for parents looking to protect their kids’ skin. The preservative, perfume, colourant, fat, paraben and PEG emulsifier-free formula has been expertly created to be non-greasy and suitable for sensitive skin (even those suffering with eczema).

Soltan Kids Dry Touch Lotion SPF50+

A light, non-sticky formula, this cream dries in just 60 seconds. Offering extra water resistance, the hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested formula has a maximum five-star rating against deep skin damage caused by UVA rays. The perfect solution for beach holidays when kids will be in and out of the water and rolling around in the sand, parents and kids love this sun cream in equal measure.

There are of course many other ways you can help keep kids safe in the sun. Staying in the shade between the hours of 11am and 3pm – when the sun is at its hottest can help to cut down on the chances of getting burnt, while making sure they wear a hat at all times and a t-shirt when they go in the pool or sea will help protect them against sun stroke and severe burning.

Do you have any tips for parents heading off on a summer holiday with their kids?


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