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Cabin Baggage: Will my suitcase fit?

Travelling with Kids can be fun, it can also be a little nerve-wracking especially if you're taking a flight, the rules on what what size your hand luggage needs to be, and what you can and can't take in it can be confusing.

Here at KidsTravel2 we get calls form anxious mums worried that their children's hand luggage won't comply with the Cabin Baggage rules. Panicked they ask, "What will I do if they don't let [child] take their bag on board???"

Although the IATA (the International Air Transportation Association) wants the standardisation of cabin bag requirement across all airlines, at present we still have to deal with differing size and weight restrictions depending on who you're flying with.

To help here is a table detailing the airline and their cabin baggage allowance, dimensions and weight restrictions.

Kids Travel 2 Cabin Luggage Dimentions


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