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Can JetKids BedBox Be Used On Your Airline?

Posted on August 07 2017

Since the bed/leg-rest feature of BedBox® is not intended for use during taxi, take-off, turbulence or landing, it does not require a specific approval from the aviation authorities or airlines. BedBox® is a premium hand luggage-dimensioned ride-on suitcase designed to make the travel experience better and more comfortable, and the bed feature should only be used during the cruise portion of the flight. BedBox® is developed by a former aircraft engineer, pilot, parents and frequent travellers, in cooperation with one of the best design agencies in Norway.

The FAA (US), EASA (Europe), CASA (Australia), GCAA (UAE) and so on, all base their regulations on ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices, so that most of the regulations are standardised. BedBox conforms to all these regulations as long as it's limitations are respected. These limitations also applies to other products like e.g. FlyeBaby, which is a very popular product for the smallest infants, as well as most baby bassinets which is provided by some airlines.

The baby bassinets provided by some airlines will on the other hand be subject to a specific approval since it is a part of the aircraft inventory, but that is another story.The BedBox is a hand luggage dimensioned ride-on suitcase, and will fit perfectly under the aircraft seat. The bed/leg-rest feature is an in-flight comfort feature, and to comply with ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices, these are the limitations and recommendations for using it:

• Not to be used during taxi, takeoff, turbulence or landing. (regulation)
• Should be used on window seats on narrow body aircrafts. (recommendation)
• Should be used on window seats or middle seat of middle row, on wide-body aircrafts. (recommendation)

JetKids BedBox - KidsTravel2

An aircraft is a private property owned by the airline. They have the right to deny whatever they want on board. Even your shoes! However, all airlines operate under license from their local aviation authority, which again makes their regulations in accordance with ICAO standards. If an airline for some reason wants to deny something which is in general allowed, they usually have to specify this in their operations manual. It is very unlikely that they will ever do that, as long as people use the bed feature with common sense, and respect the limitations.

So far, there has only been excited cabin crew that loves flights where children are able to make up a comfortable seating. Happy children = Happy passengers & crew. However, there are many unexperienced and young cabin crew out there. And if the BedBox for some reason is presented as a children restraint device or similar, which is not the case, they might be very confused. The BedBox is primarily a ride-on suitcase, and the bed/leg rest feature is a comfort feature.

There are of course many ways to facilitate the use of the area between two aircraft seat rows, and one common known solution is to use a regular hand luggage dimensioned suitcase with some pillows on top of it to make up a comfortable leg rest/bed area. We used to do that ourselves, and it doesn’t require a certification to do so ;-) However, with the BedBox, we wanted to do this a little bit less complicated. So we created a stylish aviation inspired ride-on suitcase for children, that is produced in limited quantity, and with a unique comfort feature that we hope the travelling families appreciate :)


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