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Easter Holiday Travel Essentials

Posted on March 09 2018


The Easter holidays are just around the corner and if you’re lucky enough to be heading off with the family, now is the time to think about all the holiday travel essentials you’ll need.

 When travelling with children, it’s really important you have absolutely everything you need to keep them safe, happy and comfortable whilst you’re on the road (or in the air!). Read on for our must-have Easter holiday travel essentials.

 Quality Luggage

The key to a successful journey has got to start with good quality luggage. It’s definitely worth investing in some high quality cases and bags to ensure that your trip goes as smoothly as possible, keeping all your (and your kids’) belongings safe and sound.

Eastpak luggage is brilliant as it has a 30-year guarantee for product defects, and has some really great features and compartments. For your little ones, Kids Travel 2 has a host of fun children’s suitcases available in various cute character designs, including a bee, owl, robot and monster. The suitcases also come with the option to bundle up with a Kids Travel 2 Neck Pillow for a great saving.

Games and Colouring Books

 Keeping kids entertained on the go can be tricky, so make sure your suitcase or rucksack is packed full of mini travel games, colouring books and crayons to keep your children busy for the duration of the journey. You could even load up your tablet with kid-friendly games or films to watch during the trip.


Comfort Boosters

 Of course, keeping your kids comfortable is absolutely crucial when travelling. Children don’t have a tendency to sit still for very long, so you want to try and have as relaxing a trip as possible by ensuring they are as comfortable as can be.

 If you’re flying with toddlers or small children, the Fly-Tot Inflatable Plane Cushion is an absolute must. This inflatable cushion allows your child to lay down flat on a regular, economy plane seat, so they can snooze comfortably throughout the flight. If you’re taking a plane trip with a baby, however, the CoziGo Sleep Easy Cover is a great option. It is a multi-purpose canopy that works on airline bassinets, so that your baby is kept relaxed and comfortable, as it blocks 97% of light.

If you would like to view our full range of flight aids, click here

Healthy Snacks

 Whether you’re flying, taking the train or driving to your Easter break, you want to ensure you take an abundance of healthy snacks with you to keep both yourself and your children’s hunger at bay. Things like fruit snack boxes, healthy crisps and mini boxes of raisins make great little on-the-go snacks.


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