First Aid Kit Essentials.

Planning a trip with a little one in tow can be a challenging experience, especially if you’re travelling long distances, but the experiences and memories are well worth it. Planning ahead can help give you peace of mind before travelling, preparing a first aid kit before you set off can ensure your well prepared even if an accident does happen.

It's always a worry that there might be accident or illness while on holiday, the different temperature, cuisine and local insects all have the potential to affect all holidaymakers, especially children. The excitement of being somewhere new and trying different things can mean that kids are more likely to be running around, potentially leading to trips and bumps. A first aid kit filled with the essentials that you can keep close at hand ensure that you’ll be ready for every eventuality.

Plaster, Band Aid


Here is our list of First aid essentials:

  1. Infant painkillers in one dose sachets of painkillers containing paracetamol or ibuprofen are perfect for lowering a temperature of easing pain while on holiday
  2. Antiseptic is a must for helping to prevent infections
  3. Platers, gauze, sterile dressing and bandage tape for covering cuts or grazes
  4. A traditional glass thermometer will work but you may find a digital or forehead strip variety easier to use and read on children
  5. Antihistamine cream to sooth insect bikes
  6. Sunburn treatment such as calamine lotion
  7. Insect repellent and bite treatment
  8. Tweezers and scissors can help remove splinters and prepare dressings
  9. Ice or gel packs to use on bumps and bruises

If you’re travelling abroad via plane, you’ll need to consider airline restrictions. If the first aid kit will be stored in your hand luggage all liquids, including gels and creams will need to be in containers of no more than 100ml. 

Exemptions can be made for essential medical purposes but you will need supporting documentation from a medical professional for this to be allowed. Tweezers and small scissors that you would include in a first aid kit are typically NOT allowed through in hand luggage.As well as the essentials you’ll also need to ensure you’ve packed any prescription medicines that your child may need, including inhalers if they are asthmatic. Make sure you've planned ahead and have enough to last the whole holiday and a few days extra just in case. This should be done well before you leave as extra medication may require a check-up at the doctors.

Even if you’re checking in luggage it may be a good idea to take keep a first aid kit with you to deal with any mishaps or accidents while you’re travelling to your destination. Just the essentials:

  1. A small pack of wet wipes
  2. Pain killers
  3. Plasters
  4. Alcohol gel to keep hands clean, remember this must be less than 100 ml or it won't be allowed though security.



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