Fly LegsUp: Fly The Family First Class In Economy

Here at Kids Travel 2 our passion is bringing you innovative products that make travelling with children easy for you and fun for the kids. In 2016 we became proud stockists of JetKids BedBox, an innovation which re-wrote the rules on how babies and young children sleep while travelling in the air. See our blog JetKids BedBox vs Trunki for more information.

This year we’re excited to announce a new partnership with patented Fly LegsUp which will help you and your children travel more comfortably when flying economy. After all, “ You’ll be happier at your destination if you enjoy the journey.”

Fly LegsUp has been recommended in the Telegraphs Travel Advice column  as one of the top 10 ways to help make you feel like you’re flying first class – when you’re actually flying economy. The ‘flight hammock’ comes in two versions: Adult and Child. The Adult version comes with 2 pillows and suggested positions for adults and the Child version comes with 3 pillows and suggested positions for children. The hammock fits onto the seat in front of you on a plane. It is designed to support your legs and feet and allows you to move into many different positions so that you can fly long distances more comfortably.

Fly LegsUp for children has been designed for ages 2+. As mentioned above, this version comes with 3 inflatable pillows 2 x large and 1 x small. The additional pillow enables you to create a bed type platform for your child as an extension to the aeroplane seat. For younger children this makes it more comfortable and easier for them to sleep and gives them more room to play, just like their bed.

For older Children, the 3 pillows provide leg support at variable heights so they can choose the most comfortable position for them. One of the larger pillows can also be used as a head or armrest which means they can continue to use Fly Legs Up as they grow.

Fly LegsUp for children helps make flying with children easier and less stressful as they can sleep and play more comfortably in their economy seat. For adults it makes the journey more comfortable by enabling you to elevate your legs and move into different positions. This helps to reduce the pressure on your back and if you're prone to leg and foot swelling when flying, elevated foot and leg positions can help reduce this swelling.

Both Adult and Children’s Fly legs up are now available to buy from Kids Travel 2. Prices from £50.00




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