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JetKids BedBox vs Trunki

As far as Toddlers luggage is concerned, Trunki is the best that is out there. Kids love them, parents love them, they are a great way for tired tots to rest their feet. But what else is out there? It’s not hard to be number 1 when there is limited competition. KidsTravel2 would like to introduce JetKids’ Bed Box to the UK.  As the name suggests this amazing piece of luggage features an inbuilt bed so your tired tots can rest on the long flight to paradise.


Trixie Trunki - Kids Travel 2Jet Kids Bed Box - Kids Travel 2


Once in the air, and the seatbelt-sign has been switched off, you simply do 2 things; first get out the mattress, second turn the lid around and you’re done. The BedBox is designed to be used during the cruise portion of the flight, and is easily stowed away before landing. Whilst it’s recommended for use on a window seat to avoid obstructing passengers and waking children up whenever someone needs to get by, it can be used on all seats. Besides it is universally known that a sleeping baby is better that a crying baby!

Jet Kids Bed Box - Kids Travel 2

In order to see which ride on offers everything you need, we have compared the key features of the 2 suitcases and left it for you to decide:


Both products are primarily used as ride on suitcases, which are perfect for kids to rest their feet. However BedBox really has the upper hand with its dual functionality, both as a bed and a suitcase the design of the BedBox was clearly built with traveling children in mind. While Trunki has some fantastic designs, that is simply not enough to warrant the hassle it takes to use once in the air.

To see parents review of the BedBox click here!

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  • Annika: November 04, 2016

    Is the jetkids bedbox currently in stock?

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