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Top tips for keeping children safe in crowded places

Posted on January 23 2017

Here at Kids Travel 2 we are constantly looking for innovative ways to make travelling with children that little bit easier and a lot more fun. However, as parents ourselves we know that travelling with children can be stressful and keeping them safe is always at the forefront of our minds.

To help you keep your family together and safe when out and about, travelling and in big crowds here are our top tips:

 Before you leave the house:

 1) Your phone number The first tip has been circulating the internet recently. The Clovis California Police Department posted the following advice for when you take your young children out in crowds:

Write your phone number on their wrist and cover it with [spray plaster] liquid band-aid, in case you get separated. The spray plaster will prevent the ink from rubbing off .

Temporary Tattoo

2) Take a photo of your child on your mobile the morning of your travels so that you have an up-to-date photo, including what they are wearing and their hairstyle should you need it.

3) Assign a child with an adult. It is so easy to think that they “other person” was watching the child. Assign an adult to a child before you go out. If you need to switch make sure you communicate with one another. It is important to make sure the children are being watched at all times.

4) Dress Brightly. Dressing your children in bright colours or even matching outfits can make it easier to keep an eye on them but actually your outfit is as important . Choose and accessory or brightly coloured piece of clothing that will make you easy to spot. Before leaving the house tell your your children about the item so they will remember to look for it and they can also tell another adult that you are wearing it.


When you’re at the event

5) Who’s Who. When there are lots of people about it can be hard for children to distinguish who can help them if they get separated from you. Take time to help your child understand who can help them when you get to an event. Pointing out event staff if they are easily recognisable will help. Where this is not possible instruct them to seek help from other mummy’s and daddy's with children. It is important to ensure your childs approaches a safe person for help if they are lost.

6) Give them their ticket. If you are at the cinema, theatre or a football match give them their seat ticket to keep in their pocket. That way security guards / event personnel can bring children back to their seats if they know where it is.

7) Create a meeting spot; if your child id old enough discuss a place to meet in the event you get separated. If your child is too young for that tell them to stay where they are and that Mummy and Daddy will find them.

8) Take the buggy or hire one. For younger children this is great way to keep them safe and makes navigating through busy crowds a lot easier. However, we know that toddlers like do things their own way and so maybe a...

9) Child Safety harness is a better option. No you’re not a bad parent. When you are at the event this is a great way to keep them safe and near with out them running off and getting lost.

 We’d love you to share your advice and tips on keeping your children safe when out and about so get in touch.


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