Top tips for travelling with toddlers in the car

So, you’ve decided to forgo an aeroplane and take the car on holiday with you. Taking your car on holiday, whether in the UK or further afield, provides you with an incredible amount of freedom that you simply wouldn’t have otherwise. However the big challenge doesn’t come should you need to drive on the other side of the road or indeed finding your residence for the next week or fortnight. The biggest challenge is in fact keeping your little ones entertained for hours in the back of a car.

Here at Kids Travel 2, we like to think we’re experts when it comes to travelling with children. Throughout our many years of experience, we’ve perfected the craft of travelling with children and toddlers. Therefore we know exactly how to ensure you get to your destination feeling relaxed and refreshed – ready for your well-deserved break. So here’s our top tips for travelling with toddlers in the car:


Car travel with toddler's


Plan ahead

As a parent, you’ll know that there are plenty of times when you simply can’t plan ahead. But when it comes to travelling, this is one of the times when you can take pride in planning – and actually pull it off. Every child is different, with varying interests and needs, so think about your children and what you know they’ll need during a car journey. One may be happy playing games, while another might want to have your undivided attention. By thinking ahead about each child’s needs, you will be fully-equipped to deal with their demands.

Pack essentials in a separate bag

Packing is no mean feat for families – especially ones with toddlers. Make sure you have all the essentials, such as nappies, healthy snacks, drinks, wipes and a change of clothes to hand to help prevent any meltdowns, drama or accidents. The Diono Baby Organiser is great for keeping all the essentials to hand. Coming complete with five various sized pockets and an insulated bottle holder, it attaches to the back of car seats, but can also fix to pushchairs for portability. The Stow n’ Go is another great option for in the car. It boasts seven full sized pockets and two drinks holders to keep everything to hand. Simply fastening around the headrest and bottom of a car seat, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it.

Take advantage of technology

One thing most toddlers have in common is their love of TV. Although we would never advocate using television as a primary source of entertainment usually, when travelling for long periods of time, making the most of technology can be a lifesaver. Load up your tablet or phone with their favourite videos and TV shows to keep them entertained for a few hours. Even if it doesn’t last the whole journey, it’ll certainly break up the boredom. It’s also worth investing in a portable music player which you can fill with their favourite tunes to keep them singing along for hours – without you needing to hear the same songs on repeat.

Encourage sleep

Travelling at times when your toddler normally naps is a great way of breaking up a long journey. However it can be difficult to get them to settle if they’re excited about going on holiday. To encourage sleep, pack comforters, such as their favourite blanket or teddy, and ensure they’re in soft, comfortable clothes so they’re comfortable at all times.

Make the journey comfortable

No matter how comfortable your car is, after a few hours, you will all get restless. Investing in a few pieces of handy equipment however will make the whole journey much more pleasant. The Diono Solar Max will block out the glaring sun and allow kids to sleep easier, while the Seat Belt Pillow will guarantee maximum comfort and minimise neck pain and moans.

Are you driving on holiday this year? Share your top tips with us!


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