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Where To Find Dory and Friends

Posted on July 25 2016

Finding Dory, the hotly anticipated sequel to the beloved Finding Nemo, is released on 29th July but that doesn’t mean you can’t start getting in the mood for this eagerly awaited film. Set one year after the original, Finding Dory focuses on the forgetful blue tang’s hunt for her parents. With plenty of new friends but also some old ones too, this is set to be the kids film of summer 2016. Even in the UK you can go and meet this exotic gang of fish.

Blue Tangs

The star of the film is one of the most popular fish of all time and there are endless places to find them in the UK. Take a trip to The Deep in Hull where there is an incredible array of tropical fish. Not only will you see Dory, you will also be able to see plenty of other creatures from the film too.


The last film was all about Nemo, while he takes a slightly smaller role in the sequel many kids will still love to see him. Sea Life London has one of the most impressive marine collections in the UK and you are sure to see some playing among the coral.


Hank the grumpy octopus who’s missing a tentacle is Dory’s greatest ally in the new film. All he wants is a peaceful life of solitude but has to save the day first. Blue Reef Aquarium’s branch in Newquay has a beloved octopus who plays with a Mr Potato Head. Well worth a visit!

Beluga Whale

One of the newest character additions, Bailey has a flair for the dramatic. Beluga’s are extremely rare and we can’t find any aquariums in the UK that actually have them. However, they have been spotted in British waters. If you want the chance to see these majestic creatures, they were most recently spotted off the coast of Northumbria.

Sea Lion

Two more characters new to the film are Fluke and Rudder, a pair of sea lions who help Dory find her way. Some reviews are claiming these are the best supporting characters in the whole film and luckily they are plenty of places to visit them in the UK. At Woburn Safari Park you can actually go behind the scenes and meet these majestic creatures.

Spotted Eagle Ray

Mr Ray the jolliest, most exciting teacher makes a return too. In the film he moves a little too quickly but luckily you’ll always be able to see him in an aquarium. There are some aquariums that will let you touch a ray but the best spotted eagle rays are at Plymouth Aquarium, where they form a key part of the tropical display.

Will you be visiting any of these colourful characters before the film is released? Share your pictures with us.


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