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Fly-Tot Inflatable Plane Cushion

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Fly - Tot flight cushion was invented by two moms with young kids who have been searching for a way to make flying more relaxing for children, and parents too!

While aeroplanes have been offering more entertainment options for kids - which we are very grateful for - the comfort of the seats has not improved much and it can be difficult for kids to sleep for long periods of time.  

Thus, they developed the Fly-Tot.

The Fly-Tot is an inflatable cushion that allows your little ones to lay down flat on a regular, economy seat.

1. Is the Fly-Tot approved by airlines and/or the FAA?

The Fly-Tot is not officially approved by airlines or the FAA. However, we have talked to regulators and we believe the Fly-Tot does not violate FAA regulations. The Fly-Tot should not be used during taxi, takeoff and landing. The Fly-Tot is designed only to be used when the plane is at cruising altitude during a flight. Thus, using it is similar to having a briefcase or carry-on placed in the legroom area.

2. Can you still buckle the seat belt while using the Fly-Tot?

Yes, if the child is lying on one Fly-Tot, the seat belt can be buckled up. If you have two children and one is lying across two Fly-Tots, that child may need to use a seat belt extender to buckle up.

3. Can the Fly-Tot be deflated quickly in case of emergency? What if the life vest under the seat needs to be removed or the Fly-Tot needs to be deflated quickly for other reasons?

We designed the Fly-Tot with a high volume valve so that it can be easily deflated within a few seconds. All you have to do is open the valve and squeeze down on the Fly-Tot to push out the air.

4. Can the Fly-Tot be used in bulkhead seats?

The Fly-Tot was designed for use on standard economy seats. Its dimensions were not designed for bulkhead seats. However, many of our customers have used the Fly-Tot in bulkhead seats and have told us it works quite well!!

5. What is capacity of the Fly-Tot?

The maximum weight for the Fly-Tot is 75kg (165 pounds) and 140cm (4 feet, 7 inches). 

6. How long does it take to inflate the Fly-Tot?

In under 3 minutes. Some people can inflate the entire thing at around 2 minutes.

7. How long does it take to deflate the Fly-Tot?

In a matter of seconds, just make sure you pull out both valves and squeeze.

8. What are the dimensions of the Fly-Tot?

The inflated Fly-Tot cushion is 58.5 x 36 x 46 cm and weighs 1.05 kg. The foot pump is 23 x 16 x 14 cm and weighs 0.35 kg.

9. What's up with the packaging?

We know it's not the prettiest, but it's recyclable and reduces waste.

10. Can the Fly-Tot be used if the person in the seat in front of you reclines his/her seat?

Yes! The Fly-Tot is designed to mould into the space, so if the person in front of you sits back, the Fly-Tot will squeeze down with the space. Don't worry, the Fly-Tot is made of a highly durable material and will be fine in snug spots.